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Monday, July 30, 2018

Chess: Indian team announced for Olympiad

All India Chess Federation (AICF) has announced the Indian male and female teams for the Chess Olympiad 2018 to be held in Georgia in September. A senior official gave this information on Wednesday. He said that the Ramco Group has been decided to sponsor the Indian Olympiad team. AICF Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan said that the five-man men’s team will be led by five-time world champion and world number-14 Grandmaster Viswanathan.

Other members include World Number-22 Grandmaster P. Harikrishna (ELO rating 2732), World number-32 distributed Santosh Gujarati (ELO rating 2710), World number-68b. Ebb (ELO rating 2671) and World number-78 Shasikiran (ELO rating 2666) is included. Women team consists of Humpi Koneru (ELO rating 2557), Harika Dronavalli (ELO rating 2494), Esha Karavade (ELO rating 2399), Tania Sachdev (ELO rating 2393) and Padmini Raut (ELO rating 2352).

Bharat Singh Chauhan said that the members of the team will be given financial incentives based on their ratings. According to AICF, if the male team player has more than 2650 ratings then he will get Rs two lakh rupees and if he is above 2600 ratings then Rs one lakh 50 thousand will be given.Similarly, if the female team player has more than 2400 ratings then they have a lakh rupees and if there is more than 2000 rating then 80 thousand rupees will be given. On winning the team’s gold medal, all the players will be given three lakh rupees, one lakh 50 thousand rupees for winning silver and 75 thousand rupees for winning a bronze.


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