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Monday, July 30, 2018

World Champion France gets 260 million rupees, 10 times more than cricket and rugby world cup winners

Every team participating in the World Cup had got 100 million

  •  Fifa World Cup teams out of Group Stage also got more money than Cricket World Cup winner
  • 110-110 million rupees given to teams losing to quarter-finals
On winning the 21st Football World Cup, France received a prize money of 260 million rupees. Compared to Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup winner was given 10 times more money. In 2015, Australia, who won the Cricket World Cup, received 25 crores. The New Zealand team that won the Rugby World Cup in 2015 also got only 26 crores. This time, 32 teams were given Rs 2,740 crore in the FIFA World Cup. It is also more than the total prize money given to all the teams in the Cricket World Cup, 63 crore rupees.

Golden Boot: Harry Kane, England

Golden Ball: Luca Modrich, Croatia

Young Player: Ambapepe, France

Golden Glove: Thibout Corteis, Belgium

Fair Play Trophy: Spain, got 34.24 lakhs

Even after losing the quarter-finals 110 crores: Croatia lose to the finals with Rs 192 crore. Belgium, ranked third on the list, received 162 million rupees and England number four got 151 million rupees. In the quarter-finals, Uruguay, Brazil, Sweden and Russia lost Rs 110-110 crore in the part. In the pre-quarterfinals, Argentina, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Colombia, who lost in the pre-quarterfinals, received 82-82 crores. The team, out of the group stage, received an amount of 55-55 crore rupees. Every team qualifying for the World Cup was met for preparations for the competition of 10 crores. FIFA had given 143 million rupees to the member countries instead of the club benefit program for the release of players from the club for the World Cup.

UEFA Champions League Tournament of the world with the most prize money: Ryan Madrid won the title of the UAAF Champions League ended in May. He got Rs 731 crore as reward. Speaking of total pricing money, the Champions League is ahead of the IPL in this case. The total prize money of the Champions League is Rs 18,682 crores. The amount in IPL is only Rs 50 crore. IPL champions Chennai Superkings got Rs 20 crore

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